I adore Shannon, I appreciate her tenacity and attention to detail.

If there were ten stars for these categories she would have earned all of them too! My husband and i were first time home buyers…… SO, we were obviously a lot of fun to work with:) I could not imagine working with another realtor. Our team called her the bulldog, and we all talked about what it must be like to be on the receiving end of her negotiating! scarey!!! I said team, because thats what it felt like when we were going through Escrow…we were a team….Just like she says on her card, “Team Shannon”, she’s not messing around:) Through our entire 33 day escrow Shannon was right by our side…making sure we understood every word of every document and communicating with the selling agent and every inspector to cross every T and dot EVERY i. My husband and I thought she was a real live robot! She didnt miss a thing. The best part of everything was her contagious laugh and her award winning sense of humor…Shes a real person, all the way to her southern charm:) I adore Shannon, I appreciate her tenacity and attention to detail. Now, almost three weeks in our new home, I’m still calling on her to help me navigate through the endless junk mail you are bombarded with when landing in your new home, and she is always there, ready to dive in:) This lady is a serious rock star and i love her!

Aubrey Frost