Would highly recommend!

Honestly, when we started looking for a new home, I was skeptical of many agents out there. I wasn’t sure if they would be looking out for my family and I, or if they were just in it for the $. There are SO many agents out there we didn’t know who to go with…I finally decided to ask a friend for advice, and he said he had the perfect person…and he was right. Shannon listened to what we were looking for, she is honest and forthcoming. Not to mention we were under a deadline as the house we were occupying was a rental, and the owner decided he wanted to sell the property. Shannon was available at our convenience and pretty quickly, to get out to the properties we chose to visit. She was organized throughout. We found a home and it was a soon to be auctioned home. Shannon was able to coordinate with our loan officer and get the process, start to close done in 21 days!!! I know she had to make a lot of extra calls and “encourage others” to push this process forward. I don’t think that any other agent would have gotten us through this process in such a short time. She was tenacious at getting it done. My husband, family and I are extremely thankful for her. This is a person that treats you like family…you never feel like you are part of a check off list to her. She is an agent with a huge heart as well. When the seller’s of the house we were buying were having difficulty getting moved out, she (and her husband) were there helping them pack things up and move things out, she wasn’t their agent but she was there and helping in any way she could. Shannon really goes above and beyond the call of duty. She really is amazing!

Kevin Johnson