We were bowing at Shannon’s feet with gratitude.

My husband and I say—no joke—that Shannon has ruined us for all other realtors! She is organized, responsive, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to be helpful in every way possible. Her warm personality and good humor are icing on the cake.

Incidentally, we were referred to Shannon by another of her happy clients who was raving about her. So when we started thinking about selling our home, we gave her a shot. Even though we were several months away from being ready to sell, she jumped right into helping us immediately.

She predicted (with impressive accuracy) what the market would be doing over the next few months, when would be the best time to sell, and almost exactly how much our house might sell for. She has her ear to the ground, does her homework, and has an uncanny intuition about the real estate market, born of many years of experience.

She gave us very good advice at every step of the way, starting with our first meeting when she gave us a list of what to start on to make our house more attractive to buyers. She not only hooked us up with resources for contractors, but spent her own time getting us quotes, negotiating, and making endless appointments, from big things like her personal favorite handyman she works with, who did tons of great work for us for a reasonable price, to little things like the carpet cleaners. Anytime we called her with questions, she instantly put our minds at ease with her solid guidance.

In the last few weeks before we planned to list, in the chaos of our young family packing up and moving out of state with 2 small children and our big dog, she was at our house almost every day making sure everything was happening on schedule—all the last-minute cosmetic upgrades, the cleaners, the photographers. She paid for a lot of things out of pocket so we didn’t have to worry about it in the moment, and kept meticulous records so we could reimburse her later. At one point during the time crunch, she was even over at our home helping to paint the walls! I am not kidding!

We were bowing at Shannon’s feet with gratitude and talking her up to all our friends *before* we even listed our house for sale. And here is the best part—she got our house sold, for an impressive sum, after SEVEN DAYS on the market. We got 2 offers and were able to choose the better one. On day 8, we went into escrow. THEN, we ended up closing after only a 10-day escrow! The buyers were so excited about the house that they asked to close early.

We give a lot of credit for the quick sale to enthusiastic buyers to Shannon’s wisdom about where our time and money would pay off the most in preparing our house for sale, and of course to her business savvy, negotiation skills and punctuality. She takes care of business, and is one of the hardest workers we’ve ever met. We are so grateful that we used her as our seller’s agent, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

We think of Shannon as a trusted friend now. Anytime someone is looking for a great realtor in the area, we make sure to recommend her. She deserves the business more than anyone, and she will not disappoint! Give her a call!

Radical Eel